The Long Haul to the Short North Coming Soon: Thread's Downtown Sister Store

It’s been a long time coming, and the THREAD team is thrilled to announce that our second store is almost ready to open its doors. After years of fashion and fun in our beloved Grandview location, we’re branching out into a second downtown space in the historic Short North Arts District. With pride and anticipation, we bring you 930 N. High Street – a fabulous, lofty space in the heart of the hippest part of town. A fashion oasis and bustling community, we can’t wait to welcome our wonderful THREAD friends and family to join us in starting a new chapter in a wonderful space.

Our new store will be located in The Brunner Building, just north of East 1st Avenue. The space is a lofty 1,900 square feet with high ceilings and a combination between modern design features and the historic elements that make the Short North so special. Just like our beloved Grandview store, THREAD in the Short North will be a carefully curated lifestyle boutique designed to bring a big city mindset to the Midwest fashion oasis of Columbus. We carry both men’s and women’s clothing, from vintage bohemian to minimalist, from casual to the nines, there’s a little something for everyone! From big names in the fashion world to local designers, THREAD makes a collaborative effort to bring fresh and unique styles that can be hard to find in the Midwest. 

Miranda, the owner of THREAD, says: “After attending the Short North Gala a few years ago, I knew this was a community that THREAD needed to be a part of- the Short North is vibrant, diverse and inclusive, which is everything that we strive to be as a retailer.”

“It’s a huge accomplishment to be opening our 2nd store here, alongside all of these great shops, restaurants, galleries,… The Short North has been really good to a lot of local businesses.”

Christina, THREAD’s vice-president of marketing, said: “THREAD has been about community from the very beginning. Miranda was able to create THREAD, and she is extremely proud of that. She set out to be inclusive & give the best service, so that everyone would feel welcome & have fun shopping here.”

Needless to say, we are all excitedly anticipating this next step for our store and clients. The new Short North store will be community focused, collaborating with local artisans as much as possible. The new space will feature a mural by a local artist, furniture, and displays created by local craftsmen and craftswomen – that extra touch that makes our stores feel so special.

The Grand Opening is set for August 9th, so mark your calendars and come celebrate with us! Until then, see the photos below for a sneak-peek of the store in-progress… it’s looking great already!

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