Mix and Match Accessories that Go the Extra Mile

We all love those unique, standout pieces in our wardrobe that really pop for special occasions, but there’s also a special place in our hearts for pieces that seem to work for every occasion. Everyday essentials, your favorite jeans, and accessories. At THREAD, we love to go bold and accessorize every outfit to the max. The great news is – even statement accessories can be versatile! Eye catching scarves, chunky jewels, a bright pair of sunnies… though they have a major presence within your look, they’re also very easy to incorporate into a variety of different looks. Don’t believe us? Then keep on reading!

Generous Jewels

Though high-quality jewelry might feel like a big investment, there’s actually no money better spent when it comes to your wardrobe! Beautiful, classic jewelry made from high quality materials like gold, sterling silver, and precious stones will work with all of your style needs, add a unique touch to every look, and last forever. Dress up a casual ‘fit with some statement jewels or bling out your night-out look with maximum sparkle. There’s really no wrong occasion for jewels. Our favorites include Pluma, Ashley Pittman, and the personal touch of our initial necklaces.

Adaptable Accessories 

Believe it or not, a printed scarf, a bright pair of sunnies, or a statement bag can be super-versatile too! When a piece serves as the star of the show, it can shine on many stages. Pair a print with simple basics, or another print in a similar color palette. The same goes for bold hues – let your pop of color stand out on a neutral outfit, or pair it with an all over bold look. As long as you don’t feel like it’s clashing, you’re good as gold. Our favorite accessories of the season are funky scarves, sleek monochrome bags, and bold sunnies in sunset hues!

See it in Action

Our gorgeous Suki + Solaine abstract-printed scarf, inspired by the rings of a tree, is unique but versatile! It’s made of a modal-silk blend, so the quality is incredible and it’s lightweight enough for all seasons. The pattern is funky, but because it’s a monochrome gray, it’s super easy to pair with a variety of looks! We paired it with an edgy-casual look and a flirty pink number. Take your faux leather into spring by pairing it with a tank, the scarf, and any other jewels you love. Or go classically spring by popping the scarf over a pretty pink dress with coordinated accessories. These are just two possibilities though – the sky’s the limit!

If there’s any one style rule we follow at THREAD, it’s accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! We will never fall out of love with details and sparkle from head-to-toe. Accessories make your outfits feel personalized and fresh, even if you’re repeating basic closet essentials underneath. They’re the ultimate style investment because of their versatility and timelessness. I mean honestly… who ever gets tired of a great scarf or glitzy gold?

Check out the photos above for some style inspiration, then shop the links in this post, visit us in store, or online to shop!

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