Glam Rock Our Favorite Shoe Queen: Calleen Cordero

Marilyn Monroe put it best when she said: “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” – we couldn’t agree more. Though shoes are probably the last part of your outfit to go on, they certainly shouldn’t be an afterthought. At THREAD, we love to make a bold statement with our footwear. Chunky heels, funky platforms, bold metallics, soft suede, unexpected details… and that’s just to name a few that are hot this season. One of our favorite luxury shoe designers of all time to rock is Calleen Cordero. High quality, unique, and bold, the Cordero collection has secured a spot in our stores and in our hearts.

Calleen Cordero is based in LA, which explains the glam yet laid back vibe of her collection. Since her humble beginnings in 1999, Cordero has sought to combine artisan craftsmanship of the Old World with contemporary sensibility. She’s been working in the shoe industry since she was a teen, exploring the luxury shoe market throughout Europe, so she knows all the tricks of the trade. And it shows – every Calleen Cordero shoe and bracelet that’s ever graced our shelves has been gorgeously crafted. Unique, glam-rock style plus longevity are guarantees when you purchase a piece from this collection. Lovely leathers, shiny silver finishings, and practical silhouettes are a few of our favorite features of Calleen Cordero footwear.

A few new pairs of fall-ready Cordero styles have just arrived in our store, looking gorgeous as ever. Check out the photos below to get a peek at these amazing new pieces, then visit us in store to shop!

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