Fall Favorites Our Autumn 2018 Trend Report

The first official day of fall has just passed, and the cool temperatures are beginning to creep in along with it. It’s no secret – at THREAD, we love fall fashion. Our favorite season is finally here along with our favorite wardrobe essentials. You know the classics – jeans, boots, knit scarves… but how about this year’s new trends? We’ve got you covered! With a little runway research, we’ve compiled a list of this season’s hottest trends that are fun but wearable. Bring this list with you on your next shopping trip and step into style this fall.

  1. PLAID – plaid is a classic cold-weather print, but this season in particular we’re talking Clueless-vibes plaid. Think schoolgirl-chic in bold, colorful tartans. Keep it simple with a classic red plaid, or make a statement in yellow, emerald, or blue.
  2. ANIMAL PRINT – team THREAD loves a good animal print year-round, but this autumn you can expect a wide variety of chic options. Bring out your inner wild animal with chic leopard print or edgy snakeskin.
  3. COZY OUTERWEAR – as the temperatures cool down, you’ll need to layer up to keep warm. This season, chic women are sporting super-layered looks and larger-than-life silhouettes. A little extra length on your cardi, a little extra shoulder volume to your coat, some statement sleeves… no matter what you choose, you’re sure to stay cozy-warm.
  4. WESTERN-INSPIRED – this is a great trend because it leaves so much room for versatility. Incorporate Western flair subtly with a pair of western-style boots, or take it up a notch with fringe and masculine button-ups.
  5. SUITS – suits are in, and we’re not talking about boring, gray workwear. All across the runways we spotted chic tweeds as well as 80s-inspired details like bold hues and big shoulders. This trend is smart and stylish wrapped into one!
  6. PRAIRIE GIRL – think of this trend as a different take on the boho look. Floral prints, fluttery and loose silhouettes, buttons, ruffles, and muted colors. This look is romantic and simple.
  7. CRYSTALS – shine bright this season with sparkles and crystals everywhere! Or… maybe just a pop on your jewels. Accessories are a great way to try out a new trend, because you can wear the same pieces every day with your known-and-loved wardrobe.
  8. GLOSS – don’t just sparkle, shine. Colorful vinyl is the boldest take on this trend, but you can still get a little sheen in your look with faux leather and metallic finishes.
  9. FUNKY JUMPERS – kick your sweater game up a notch with fun details like bold patterns, fun textures, and atypical silhouettes. A statement piece is the easiest way to put together a unique outfit without all the fuss – plus you’ll be so cozy!
  10. HAUTE HUES – last but not least, this season’s color palette. Bold primary colors, pink, 70s brown, and taupe dominate this fall’s hottest collections. In terms of statement color combos, total monochrome as well as clashing colors both seem to be favorable this season.

Pair these fresh trends with your go-to fall classics and you’ll be ready to rock! We hope you’re as excited for fall as we are, because we’re rolling out tons of chic picks for our favorite season. Check out the photos below to get some inspiration from our racks, then visit us in store or online to shop!

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